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FWIW, it should be relatively easy to write an installer that will install all of this and set it up so that it will run in daemon mode every time you restart the server. I think doing that should wait for official word from Omni as to whether or not they're going to maintain this in the long run.

It's really a seperate component, though, except for the fact that OmniFocus needs to be running for it to work. It could just as easily start OmniFocus as OmniFocus could start it.

I'm also not going to personally be making major changes to the codebase until I know what's going to happen to it, since managing multiple sets of patches without a versioning system is painful, and putting it under something like Rubyforge would have to be approved by Omni, since they own the copyright on the current code. It could be replicated of course, if necessary, but I don't see why that would be desirable.