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After trying tons of combinations such as re-installing Omnifocus on my iphone, importing the sync settings through wifi or mail, trying to switch push data and synchronizing calendar/contact info through mobileme...

I finally found a work-around :) , I publish the omnifocus database on the Public directory of my iDisk account. (I first changed the setting in the sync preference pane on my Mac, then passed it on to the iphone and now it works without asking for the login/password).
As I don't have any sensitive data in my omnifocus database, the fact that anyone could (if they are very curious) see what I am up to does not bother me to much... I am sure this bug will be solved soon and in the meantime I enjoy the functionality!

By the way, in my numerous attempts, I realized that when I re-initialize the omnifocus database (either through reinstalling it, or re-importing the settings), I systematically get the dissapearing keyboard after maximum three characters of my username. My workaround is to tap in the password field which makes the keyboard appear again, then I switch back to the username field to complete my username.
I thought this little bug might have something to do with the general login/password bug!