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I know I can make each action repeating but will it stay correctly sequential (e.g., will step 3 remain unavailable on the 6th if step 2 is still NOT complete)?

I assume setting the Project to "mark complete when last item complete" is a bad thing here? (Therefore this Project will always be active, which I don't like).
No, that's what you want.

And won't this project go haywire if for some reason I don't complete all the actions one month?
Yes, repeats rely on the repeating thing being completed to create the next instance.

Is there any way to do something like this? Or is just a stupid example?
OF isn't magic. You have to regularly review your lists to make sure you're actually completing the items on them instead of letting them slip through the cracks.

If you're worried about the repeats not being created, one approach is just to create a year's worth of Pay the Mortgage projects, plus a single action 12 months off to create another year's worth. You can use my Populate Template Placeholders script to do that.