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Just stumbled onto this quirk .. if you place a variable onto a canvas, say <%canvas%> but the font you want to display it in doesn't have characters for less-than and greater-than, then some fall-back font gets used instead, both in the edit-state text for just the less-than and greater-than characters, and also the full text of the variable-value-exposed text.

This was mystifying me for a while, and I wasted time copy-pasting object formats, re-typing, trying different font sizes.

So now you know, so I hope I save you some grief.

What font doesn't have less-than and greater-than characters, really? Well, my client's brand-font of Aachen Bold doesn't :-( I'm going to go track down some other font-house version and use that instead.

And wish for a happy future where this quirk gets fixed.
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