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Thanks for the pointer Philrob...

I read through the link that you posted (and one that I have in Evernote!). I think it would help if I explained a little about my situation.

I am on Windows at work. Primarily I use the machine to access email as I have my MacBook on the same desk connecting through an open wifi nearby (not on my Co. network).

What I would like to do is to be able to forward emails to Evernote with some keywords in the title that would then be scanned on the Mac (automatically - time based trigger) and then create corresponding actions in my inbox. Ideally I would like to add contexts automatically via keywords in the Evernote title. Scrub the keywords from the title in Evernote and then re-synch with Evernote.

When I read the blog post you linked to I don't know if it is an apples to apples (no pun intended) comparison. It looks as though he is driving everything through his Mac from start to finish???

I will re-read it again and see if I can hack it a bit if need be. I am not an AppleScript expert. I am kind of intimidated honestly. Let me see what I can do.