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The Gif image format can't do transparency, full stop. You will have to use PNG for that.
That's odd, 'cos Graphic Converter has a transparency tool, which I seem to remember I used only last year on some GIFs and a PNG--it's possible I did it through Photoshop/ImageReady. Whichever ... opening the GIFs in the latest version of GC brings up an alert with words to the effect that "This GIF has transparency defined. The transparent areas will be displayed in grey. You can disable the transparency by double-clicking in them with the transparency tool." The PNG in question was produced in OG; the GIFs were based on screenshots.

Whether they work with transparency if imported into OG or not, I don't know; I do know that when viewed on the final web-page using Internet Explorer under Chinese Windows (People here don't realise there is any alternative!) the PNG comes out with a grey rather than a transparent background!

So the answer seems to be, you need to export your GIF, change software to Graphic Converter, ImageReady or similar and do the transparency in that.


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