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When I was much much younger than I am today I had this amazing program on my pizza-box Mac LC called Aldus IntelliDraw 1.0. I could bore you with a story about how I won it at a MacExpo but I won't. ... This program was so great, and had tons of features I didn't see in such a sleek package again until OmniGraffle, such as anchored lines, loads of pre-defined shapes, presentation features, auto-align, etc...

It also had some kick-ass features that AREN'T in OmniGraffle that I would love to see:

* Symmetrigon: This was the single coolest feature for drawing nifty shapes. "The Symmetrigon creates symmetric objects with a variable number of reflection points. In other words, if you set the reflection points to 4, when you draw in one direction, the object mirrors at three other points. There's no easier way to draw multireflected shapes, such as stars or pinwheels."

* The ability to edit the pre-defined shapes once you place them on the canvas, and to convert any shape to bezier curve object (even text)

* But the pièce de resistance, the really crazy feature, was that you could apply addition and subtraction (like masking) to objects. Put a star over a circle and hit subtract, and you get the map symbol for a capital city. You could build the best shapes that way.