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OK. I read and read and read, and found no answer to this particular ditty, so here goes:

I have a desktop and 2 laptop computers. I want to use OF on any and all. I have enabled OF >> MobileMe synching to my iDisk, and it seems to work as desired.

I also sync my Palm using MissingSync to my iCal store, and as such need to hit the "Synch to iCal" at least once before I desire to synch the Palm.


Once I hit the 'Synch with iCal' button, and it does so, MobileMe begins to disseminate that information from the 'cloud' down to the other two computers, as it's supposed to.

Should I be able to hit the "Synch with iCal" button on whichever workstation I'm working on, or will using that option on more than one computer be like 'crossing the streams' in Ghostbusters -- very bad?

It seems that the 'Synch to iCal' option might create multiple instances if used from multiple Macs.

So: should I be able to use both 'Sync with MobileMe' (read, iDisk) and the 'Sync with iCal' button from multiple machines with no problem? Will 'the cloud' figure it all out?

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