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Thanks for the code, and the tips.

3. You need to have the - as "png" - part on the save command, or else it'll think you want to save in the standard graffle format and any "."s are just part of the name.
In the 'autoexport' script you provided (and my thanks again, this has made my workflow much more efficient!), the code is:

  save theDoc in file target_path
I presume this is in fact relying on the 'current export settings' to be set to the appropriate type? But there doesn't seem to be a 'format' property to the current export settings.

With 'save as ...', is there a list of the strings associated with each format? (or just the standard png, svg, tiff, etc?)

BTW, should I have been able to find the above in any doc? (teach a man to fish :-)

Update: I've fiddled with the 'repeat with [each canvas]; set canvas of front window ...; save ...' to find that whilst this works well for unopened documents, it upsets any documents that are actually open in OG at the time of the auto-export. i.e. I'll be editing away, and all of a sudden the script kicks in and starts flipping my canvas pages... I guess the only solution is a 'save canvas' function?


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