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Because I use OG to create web page wireframes, canvases always have objects that appear in the same place on every canvas, e.g. the header or navigation menu.

When I copy an object on one canvas, and paste it on another canvas, I want it to appear on the exact same location on the page.

The frustrating thing is that this sometimes happens, and sometimes doesn't. I still can't figure out if there's a logic to it or if it's just buggy.

Here's what I need to do to paste an object in the same place:
1. Copy the object on canvas 1
2. Paste the object on canvas 2 (it appears in a different place)
3. Undo
4. Go back to canvas 1, and copy it again
5. Paste the object on canvas 2 (now it appears in the same place)

You can imagine how frustrating this is when I'm trying to paste an object in the same place over 50+ canvases.

Yes, I have previously reported this problem in my feature request compendia 1 2 3, but I'd like to bring it to your attention again as it's so frustrating.