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The features list on the OmniOutliner product page does prominently mention that OmniOutliner is scriptable with AppleScript, and there's a question on the General FAQ on the product page talking about accessing attachments with AppleScript, so it isn't a very well-kept secret.

I'm not sure that any part of the OmniOutliner manual qualifies as an in-depth treatment.

Geez, next you're going to be complaining that there isn't any discussion of the Automator actions, either :-)
I can see we're getting nowhere with this. Not sure why you're getting adversarial about this. Here's my point, and I'm done...

If an app allows you to integrate scripts with what you do, to the point of installing them on the windows toolbar, it ought to be addressed, or at least mentioned. Especially how to install and then remove them. That is not mentioned at all in any documentation. Period.

An in-depth treatment is not what I'm looking for--just a clue.

I use OO most every day, and have for some time, and it seems not right that I have to go through all of this to find out something basic.