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Well, once again, this is a system feature, albeit with a bit of additional tweaking by Omni. I took a quick look at several other AppleScriptable apps on my system, and I don't think you would be happy with the level of documentation of their scriptability. Rob and others have put together that FAQ. The online help in OmniOutliner does mention AppleScript, putting scripts in the toolbar and in the Scripts menu. The OmniOutliner product page has a collection of sample scripts which can be used outright or as source material for your own scripts. The manual has been around for a long time, and specific references to how to do some of the AppleScript-related tasks would be out of date. The last copyright date on the manual is 2006!

No question about it that it would be possible to document this all more extensively. There is some room for questioning whether doing so would be the best possible use of the limited bandwidth of the Omni documentation writers. The people wanting to use OmniPlan for the iPad might regard having any documentation at all as a better use, for example! Having a more comprehensive manual for OmniOutliner 4 would be another.

With any Omni product, the best way to influence future direction is to send them email feedback, either with Help->Send Feedback, or directly to <product>