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I've just shifted from PC to the Apple platform. Until now, I have been using the NetCentric GTD Add-in to Outlook to manage my lists. I have now shifted to OmniFocus. There are 2 functions from the Netcentric Add-in that don't seem ready-made in OmniFocus, and product support suggested I raise the issue here to see if any of the "gurus" have a work around scripting solution for these functions.

1) The Clip O Tron does a great job of clipping entire emails into OmniFocus with a link to the original. Is there a way to automate the moving of the original email to a designated folder for storage? The NetCentric Add In would move the original email to a folder (e.g., @action) when you saved the clipped task. It would be great to set up an automated move to a specified folder that would happen automatically when saving the new OmniFocus item. Or if tht doesn't work, I would like to have a simple keyboard shortcut that would move selected email into a specific storage folder.

2) For email items that pertain to appointments, it would be great to use to clip the email (with a link to the original) into a new Calendar appointment. Any ideas how to make something like that?