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Fair enough. Here was my take-away from the research I did a while back.

Most of the other mail clients that have the OF clipping facility seem to have better applescript support than does the mac version of TB (Postbox, Mailplane and So I'm assuming that applescript is the easiest way to make the clipping thing work with OF.

Absent an applescript approach, I'm assuming you'd be falling back to javascript, no? So you'd need to write a TB add-on in that language.

Either that's not an easy thing to do or there aren't a lot of code-proficient TB users with an interest in doing it, because nobody has done it yet.

That's why I switched to PB (and then later to mailplane). You are right that it has its flaws, but they seem to still be slowly developing it.

Against this backdrop, you may find it easier trying to fix the other things you don't like about PB via add-on than to write a clipping add-on for TB. As you probably already know, TB add-ons can often run on PB, although the degree of work it takes varies (in some cases it might be as simple as including PB as an authorized program).

I'm guessing it's probably also easier to write an add-on that changes the TB/PB environment (e.g., fixing the grouping and sorting behavior you don't like in PB), than it may be to write an add-on that mediates interactions between Mac TB, OSx and OF.

But I may well be wrong about that.

Anyway, I hope you succeed in building something that works. It would be an awesome contribution to the OF community.