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So, you've got the part that puts a priority on the beginning:

I don't understand what your shell script is for. If that's to detect the priority already existing, you need to move it *before* the line that puts the new priority on. Otherwise, you'll be sticking a new priority on and then taking it back off again!

In pseudocode:
Thanks for the reply, I have been checking this forum almost daily, I am glad I did because the email got marked as junk by apple mail for some reason.

Anyway the shell script looks at what is in the clipboard and then removes anything after the priority whatever it may be up to the first Word i.e "{1} ", "{2} ", "{3} " etc. The problem is it has to work on the current action rather then all the selected actions.

I am basically trying to:
1) Get the selected action name
2) Run the shell script on it
3) Return the results back to the action name

4) Repeat steps 1-3 for all selected actions.

I'll see what I can work out from your suggestion. Thank you.

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