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I confess I last posted here about word count on 6th August.

I'm trying not to become the word count moaner of the OmniOutliner forums.

The word count implementation could be immensely cool if it were possible.

Other outliners, like Opal (formerly Acta) produce a single figure for the whole document, which is very much better than nothing. However what would be great would be a word count that could give figures for sections of the document.

In that last post I wrote about the idea a special word count column, giving the count for the main editing column in OmniOutliner and a summary at the top.

I don't know how doable that would be, but it would be great if possible.

Another approach would be to have the word count as a style. In this the default for the word count style would be "on" for everything but the user could apply the word count "off" style to any chosen elements. It would be applied just like any other style.

Being able to specify, for example, that column 2 would not be included in the word count would be great because I normally have a notes column to the right of the main editing column. This is a bit like the "comments" in a word processor.

So what I'm suggesting is that there are two superb user interface paradigms in OmniOutliner already in place to create a truly outstanding word count feature.

P.S. I'm delighted by OmniFocus 1.5. I'm going to cross off the "post to OmniOutliner forum about word count" item now :)