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Hi all, apologies in advance for the long post.

I updated Omnifocus to v1.6 a few days ago and since then I have had trouble syncing my ipod touch 2g.

Up until now I have been syncing wirelessly using bonjour with no problems. I have checked the forums about this but I can't see anything relevant, and I have tried re-installing omnifocus on the ipod, and resetting the bonjour settings both on the mac and the ipod.

When I attempt to sync I get the the following error message on my ipod touch:

Unable to synchronise database with server.
Unable to perform WebDAV operation

The (machine name).local server returned "bad gateway" (502) in response to a request to "MOVE/omnifocus.ofocus/2090316620141....etc

And the ipod will synchronise to the Mac, but not the other way round, so anything I've entered on the ipod is not transferred.

I don't see why there is a WebDAV error though as I have not set that up (or touched the settings).

Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed that is causing this? I realise that I could set up another sync method such as WebDAV but I've been perfectly hapy with Bonjour up to now as it does everything I need. Please help.

ps: I am running omnifocus 1.6 on an emac running OS X 10.4. if that makes any difference.