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Through some initial testing it appears that resetting to the default OmniFocus style will fix the issue. I have filed a bug report, though.

If you don't find that to be the case, let us know so we can add additional information!
I tried doing what you suggest (assuming what you mean is resetting my saved theme with the default one... themes = styles?).

First, I had a heck of a time resetting my styles. OF crashed whenever I hit the big reset button at the bottom of the preference window. I could change each style individually with out a crash by choosing one (i.e. Sidebar or Groupings) and using the pull down menu option to "Reset Selected Styles". When I tried to change all of the Main Outline styles at once it also crashed. I finally switched to my Inbox (instead of the full library) and that might have let me reset styles a bit quicker. But by the time I switched to the Inbox, I was resetting one style at a time.

So after finally resetting the styles, I went to Page Setup -> Settings -> Omnifocus and the "Convert to Black and White" was no longer checked off. I did a quick test print (via Preview, not actual paper -- does that make a difference? I wouldn't think so) and, as I would guess, it was in color. I went back to the OF Page Setup settings, checked the "Convert" box, did another test print and... it was still in color.

So, at least for me, your trick didn't work. Or I didn't reset everything because of those OF crashes. I'll try again when tomorrow after I shut down/restart my iBook and see if that changes anything. I'll let you know if it does.