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Just uncheck the option "Show page icons offered by websites" under the "General" preferences.

Page icons are no longer displayed, but it seems they are still cached in "~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5/Icons/WebpageIcons.db".
While that option will hide site icons, it doesn't really achieve the stated aim, i.e. having a text-only Favourites bar, a la Safari.

I'd have to agree that it would be a nice option, resulting in a less 'noisy' view. Personally, I would very much like this option.

One interesting compromise might be to render the site icons in grayscale until the user mouses over the link. Likewise the purple generic bookmark icon could be grayscale, and swap to purple on hover.

Conversely, I'd be interested to see the inclusion of site icons in the tab drawer page titles, to aide site recognition when the tab drawer list is collapsed down to titles; in this state the Tabs lose any visual indication of the site (which the preview obviously provided), so adding the site icons would aide scanning the tab list to find particular sites.

It may even be interesting to show site icons below the tab previews when shown; but that's without mocking it up, this option may well turn out to be too visually busy.