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Thanks Tim for the prompt reply -

No, I'm tempted but staying clear of the XCode preview for the moment (as tempting as it is, cause XC is getting a little old in the tooth and bothersome...still beats Visual...)

I've added some debugging statements in both Copy... and List...scripts and am narrowing down on the "offending" resource. I've built OF based projects within the samples directory without a hitch. This time I wanted to start from scratch and simply created a new iPad project at the same level as my OmniGroup directory using the Scaling Demo as an example. A notable difference maybe the fact that I seeded the project as a SplitViewController project, so Apple ads all the CoreData modeling stuff...its in my Resources and Compile Phase. I'm exploring whether that's the issue. I'll report anything I find noteworthy.

Thanks again for the great framework. A true treasure chest from a group I've been following since the NextStep days...I may even contribute a few pieces of my own when I get time. What's the best way of doing that? A github fork? Framework's like 320 have a rather large network, Omni's is unfairly sparse for the amount of gems it has to offer. I know this isn't your primary business focus...but are you planning on expanding this open source offering regularly? Support is hassle (I know)...