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I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish. I just recently had to start to move away from OF and start to find another resource (Oh man...I will miss this program) because I can't get the perspective I need to keep my "radar" clean (A multitude of projects that have no current tasks that I did not want to see until necessary). The stalled grouping did not work for me because the "active" filter still picks them up.

I tried the "on hold" method, but the problem was...I would be in another program (let's say mail) and have 5-emails come in that I needed to add a task to 5 different "on-hold" projects. Seems easy....but was a big problem because they stay on-hold. The tasks will not show up on your list of things to get done unless you physically go back and take the project off hold.

I found out the hard way this was the case and almost missed some tasks.

I have initiated a feature request (and I have to say this company rules as far as communication and helping customers)...but until there is a middle ground...I have no where to go with this.