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I asked you for more details in the other thread, but you never responded. Here's a different question: how do you propose OmniFocus should know that you want these projects to be taken off your "inactive" status?
Sorry about the no answer on the thread...must have missed the question.

The only solutions I have come up with would be to add a few possible options (ps. I do not believe in making a 100% change to any program, but just adding a possibility for those who may desire when I say option ...I really mean option).

1. The first choice option that I would love to see is to have a choice to make it so a project automatically becomes active when a new task is added. This would most likely cause some people grief..but for some like myself it would be a the best choice.

--When clipping, It could be as simple as a dialogue box that pops up if a project is on hold when you try to add a task. It could ask "do you want to make this project active"?, and we could answer yes or no. It could have a simple "do not ask me again"checkbox if the question doesn't fit into your workflow.

2. A filter setting that could hide stalled projects (even though they are active) would also do the trick.

3. Even just a grouping filter "has tasks" would work.

Overall, I am just trying to hide all of these projects that I am waiting on others to do their part.

This is what I have come up with so far.

Thanks for any help (and attempts at help that I may have unintentionally overlooked).

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