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Really great update, thanks! Love the fact that imported stencils do no longer show in the document list by default, this was highly irritating. Also, most Graffletopia downloads work fine now; I still ran into a few that downloaded and did not install and ended up showing the placeholder image in the document list... well, maybe this will still improve.

iDisk support is great, but with larger files it reminded me how painfully slow iDisk really is (I know, Apple's fault - they have done nothing about it for ages). Are there any plans for supporting Dropbox in the future? It is multiple times faster, free, automatically syncs to all my machines and even keeps a revision history. Much better.

And, if this helps, I too vote for putting magnets at the top of the priority list if possible (please!). Connections are really the weakest spot right now, they just behave too randomly and I waste far too much time trying to make them do what I want. Once this is done, maybe somebody can look into defining custom color swatches, or at least one slot for company colors... CI/CD is a pretty blown up issue here.