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We all know that Webkit came from KHTML engine in use by KDE Konqueror.

In Konqueror (KDE 3) preferences, there is a slider to make plugins (read as flash) to use more or LESS cpu.

I wonder if that is possible to implement in Webkit. That would save many of people, especially portable owners and people with less powerful CPUs from the horrible flash overhead (which is showing all browsers horrible).

When someone disables flash with ''Click to flash'' (can use in Omniweb too), you see the horrible effect of Flash in browsers. When you 'click to flash' and go to some site which had great idea (!) of Flash navigation, it becomes hassle.

So, if plugins could run with lower priority (or higher, in some cases) than browser, it would be best of both Worlds. Also, if user could set that preference in site by site basis, it would be even better.

I am not a developer and I don't know even if it is possible.