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How do the notifications work now in OF 1.7? I had been syncing to iCal and getting alerts that way. With iOS 4 and OF 1.7, should I turn off calendar syncing to avoid duplicate alerts?

I remember reading that the calendar alerts (am I talking about the right alerts?) were some sort of workaround until iOS 4 came out with its ability to handle local notifications.

I'm just curious about best practices here...!
My general advice is to unsubscribe from the calendar on your iOS 4 devices so you won't get duplicate alerts from your local notifications. But you might want to keep publishing the calendar (even if your iOS 4 devices no longer use it) if you're using that calendar on other devices (such as your Mac or iPad).

And, as Derek points out, the local due alerts in 1.7 don't make any sounds at the moment. If you'd like sounds with your alerts, please send email to and we'll add your vote to the feature request.