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Hi there,

I am a new user of OmniFocus 1 for Mac :) I have a Macbook Air with Mac OSX Mountain Lion.

The application itself is amazing, but I am a bit frustrated trying to get the notifications to work, it has become a pain.

I am using the Growl application (Version 1.4), which is believed to work on Mountain Lion (As I saw on some previous threads before posting this one)

I tried to test the notifications out (I need it for To-Do purposes for work stuff).

I want the notifications, so that they can remind me often (Note that I am using Growl).

Can you people help me out with:

Getting the Item Available, Due soon Notifications to come up often, so that the notifications do not just pop up the last second my work is due.

Help me please :)

I really appreciate it, OmniFocus is Awesome!!
-Thanks :D
It has been some time since I have used Growl on my Mac, but I will try to get things going with an off the cuff response. I do not think notifications are sent when a task is available or due soon. If I remember correctly the notification is sent when and item is due.

Per your requirement, I would suggest making a preliminary task which is the notification trigger for a subsequent task. The use of a preliminary task would activate your Growl notification and still allow you time from being notified to completing your task.

Task Group
↳Task 1 is due in 1 hour
↳Task 1

A few suggestions.
  • Set the due date of the preliminary task to be the same as the available or due soon of the subsequent task it references
  • Set the start date of the preliminary task to be 5 minutes prior to its due date so it is hidden until needed as a notification
  • Set the due date of the prelimiary task to be the actual due date of the task

This setup/suggestion is very far from perfect. Again, I have not used Growl for some time and I am unfamiliar with the settings of how it displays OmniFocus notifications. I am sure other users or more detail of what you are trying to achieve will help in refining a solution.