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I've sent in a Feature Request to the OF team, and I'm confident they will at least look at it and evaluate the merits and value of the feature shortly.

In the meantime, I've taken palmin's script, and done the following:
1) Place palmin's Sum estimates script in the OmniFocus scripts folder.

2) Use QuickSilver to set up a hotkey keyboard shortcut to run the script.

3) Scope the hotkey within QuickSilver to only work within OmniFocus

* Number 3 is very important. As you start setting up lots of custom scripts and such in your various applications, you don't want to cause conflicts with other system-level or application-level scripts elsewhere. Lesson's from a power user ;P

Overall, a really great script from palmin; however, if you don't have anything selected, it shows an error in a dialogue window. I have two problems with this "default behavior" of the script as-is:

1) I have to use the mouse to click the Sum estimates button in the toolbar
2) If I have nothing selected, I have to click "Ok" or hit enter to dismiss the dialogue box.

A bit tedious when you're managing several time-sensitive projects like web or software development and your clients want to have very good estimates of time for deliverables.