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So, I found a little bug...

If you have a project called "make coffee" (just a silly example) structured like so:

fill pot with water - 1m
get filter from cabinet - 1m
put coffee in filter - 1m
put filter in coffee maker - 1m
brew coffee - 15m
pour cup - 1m

(obviously these tasks don't take that long, but stay with me here)...

You run the "Sum estimates" script, and it puts 20m in the "estimated time" field for the containing "make coffee" project.

If you mark a few of these tasks completed though, and then try to re-sum the estimates... the time doesn't change.

It appears that the script is not excluding completed tasks.

I haven't the time tonight to work on it, and am no AppleScript guru by any means, so if someone knows how to make the script exclude completed tasks, I'd be indebted to you dearly.

Additionally, sometimes there's a problem if you already have a time estimate in the project's "estimated time" field, and then run the script.

I think it should first clear any values in that field before trying to set a new value, but I could be wrong about the implementation details.