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I seem to recall reading on one of these threads, or the Omni Mouth, that Omni was in the midst of providing some kind of strategy for OF users who want to access their OF from a Windows machine. Not everyone is at a Mac or an iPhone at all times.

I was wondering whether this is still in the road map considering that the iPad has now appeared and efforts are underway to get OF for the iPad out the door as soon as it ships. I support this wholeheartedly - by the way - and will be front of the line to buy OF for the iPad when it is released.

But, I still would like some solution to accessing OF from Windows. I am forced to use Windows at work and frequently have emails in my Outlook, or data in a document that I want to copy / paste into an action or project in my OF so I can act on it. This is a pain if I have to re-key it on my Mac, or iPhone. Ideally a web interface would be available so I can access it from any machine I happen to be on -- which would fit nicely with the notion of "universal capture" a key to the GTD system. At the moment, the iPhone does a nice job of universal capture on-the-go, but for universal capture when stuck in Windows-land, I'd really like a solution.

So, I know this question has been asked before, but I'm asking again:

* Is there going to be a solution to this sort of use case problem?
* Is there a timeline on a solution, or is it just a "when it's ready" situation?

Please, Omni, I really think this is one of the few loose ends. OF is so phenomenally good for GTD. I evangelize it to everyone I meet. But when I talk to my friends who are Mac users at home, but stuck on Outlook/Blackberry because of their employers, they inevitably try to kludge GTD via Outlook/Blackberry tasks and categories and look on at OF longingly. I'm sure these are potential OF customers if they could access the system from their Windows jail.