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Although not ideal, here's my work around.

I subscribe to Jott. They have an app that uses Adobe Air that's called Jott Express. It runs on my Mac and Windows PC at work. When I have an action at work I enter it (type) or copy and paste into Jott express on my work PC. Syncs with Jott on the web, Mac, PC and Jott iPhone app. It's my work "In box". I can then copy and paste on my Mac into OF to process.

I also set up an OF contact in Jott and set up Apple mail in OF to process certain emails into OF. That way I can send an email from Outlook to my Mac email account and have it automatically entered right into the OF in box. When I'm driving or don't want to type, I can call Jott and dictate an action to OF. Jott converts to text and sends an email to my Mac account which then sends it directly to OF in box.

Jott Assistant costs about $35.00 per year, but it's worth it. I use Jott for a whole lot of other things as well, but that's another post.

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