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I'm trying to extract all the tasks from an OmniPlan document and I'm adapting one of Rob Trew's scripts to send OP tasks to OF so that it creates a TaskPaper document instead. It's working, but currently the script is only sending the selected tasks:

tell window 1
    set lstOPTasks to selected tasks of it
end tell
And I want to send the whole document without having to select, using something like:

tell document 1 of it
    set lstOPTasks to task of it
end tell
Unfortunately the second form seems seems to have done a recursive descent of all tasks to populate the list, while leaving the descendants of each task intact. Consequently I see every task twice.

It there a way to get hold of some phantom root task or just the top level tasks?


(have pity: I only opened "Learn AppleScript" on Friday)