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Flash forward to the end of 2012 - few more days left until 2013.
OmniFocus is now up to 1.10.4 and Daylite is now version 4.1.1 - and yet, it doesn't seem we are any closer to integration than we were in 2007!!!

I have been using OmniFocus for several years already (back and forth with Things in the very beginning) and continue to be a huge fan. Nevertheless, as others have mentioned within this thread, there are times my work life requires more. Specifically, the ability to trace the bits and pieces that make up the project's progress as I work on it. Daylite serves that need quite well. Though VERY far from perfect, I have searched for something similar for a very long time now that could satisfy my requirements and Daylite 4 seems to fill the gap. BUT, besides being a little cumbersome to perform easy tasks, there are too many areas that are redundant with OmniFocus. I work in an office where the company uses an Exchange server. I use mail and iCal and must use Outlook whenever I want to view other people's calendar (when will Apple fix that, I wonder). My iCal only syncs one category, the name of our server category, with the Exchange server's calendar. Daylite won't play with that. It makes its own category in iCal.

Secondly, it won't play with OmniFocus either. It would create more work than it is worth to have to enter every task in twice - once in OF and once in Daylite. Being organized should not sacrifice efficiency!

So, I agree that we should keep this thread alive and see if there is even a hope of reconciliation.