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Hi Rob,

Thanks for your work on these scripts.

I have a problem in that only the top level of the hierarchy form FoldingText ends up in OmniFocus when I export to that application. I cannot create tasks within the project in OF whatever I try in FT. If I export to OO or OGP, the hierarchy is replicated fine.

Getting this AppleScript Execution error when running in Debug mode in Script Debugger:

{«class asDB» id (application "OmniFocus") of «class FCpr» id "hG4oRDio0JF" of document id "hsvIS9nuxgi" of application "OmniFocus", {{{|id|:"21", tagNames:{}, textIndex:20, childIndex:0, tags:{}, parentID:"1", lineIndex:1, type:"unordered", level:1, |text|:"Do something", nextSiblingID:"22", |line|:" - Do something"}, {}, false}, {{|id|:"22", tagNames:{}, textIndex:36, childIndex:1, tags:{}, parentID:"1", lineIndex:2, type:"unordered", level:1, |text|:"Do the next thing", nextSiblingID:"23", |line|:" - Do the next thing", previousSiblingID:"21"}, {}, false}, {{|id|:"23", tagNames:{}, textIndex:57, childIndex:2, tags:{}, parentID:"1", lineIndex:3, type:"unordered", level:1, |text|:"Go to the bank with the momey", nextSiblingID:"24", |line|:" - Go to the bank with the momey", previousSiblingID:"22"}, {}, false}, {{|id|:"24", tagNames:{}, textIndex:90, childIndex:3, tags:{}, parentID:"1", lineIndex:4, type:"unordered", level:1, |text|:"Buy some groceries", |line|:" - Buy some groceries", previousSiblingID:"23"}, {}, false}}} doesn’t match the parameters {oParent, lstTree, blnSkipDone} for PlaceInOF.

Your advice appreciated when you have a moment - of if you need more from the debugger.


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