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no possibility to have a note (of a task)?
That would certainly be possible, though you would need to settle on a convention for the pattern to be interpreted as a note:
  • Markdown body paragraphs ?
  • Interpreted as notes of their preceding list siblings ?
  • Or as notes of their indentation parents ?
  • If notes of parents, then how do we interpret sibling sets with mixtures of list and body paragraphs ?
etc. etc. Not insoluble, but would require a more or less arbitrary and codified set of conventions ...
Moving notes from FT towards OF is not part of my own work-flow at the moment (I keep working notes in NVAlt, and archived notes in DevonThink), so it would probably be bad GTD practice (and certainly sub-economic) for me to implement it myself, but the source code is there in the GitHub repository, and others are very welcome to fork it :-)