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Dear Omni users,

I hope you guys can help me out here. I've build a fairly large interaction design in omnigraffle pro. It has about 40 canvasses that contain shared layers, linkbacks and multiple actions per page that show or hide layers and jump to other canvasses. It's a pretty complicated structure but in omnigraffle every action works fine.

My problem:
When exporting to PDF or HMTL image map, a lot of actions don't work. A lot of 'show or hide layers' actions don't work but also a lot of 'Jump elsewhere' aren't working. It seems pretty random which actions work and which don't. In my canvasses I've selected the 'Size is multiple of printer sheets', as I came across another thread where they said this was the solution. Unfortunately it's not:(

It would be nice to have a hand out format like an PDF so non Omni users can click through the design. Does anyone have a solution for my problem?

Thanks a lot,