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Ken: Thanks for the update.

This one feature is sooo important that it ranks only behind the Iraq war and Middle East negotiations on my list of priorities!

I rarely add in QT attachments and the like in OO. I would gladly (nee, VERY very gladly) download 2 versions of OO: one with font scaling/zoom and one without (kind of like PPC and Intel versions). I could use the non-scaling one for that 1% of the time I needed it. But literally every day I use OO with text only, and each of those days I'm reminded of this issue. As it is I've made a compromise: on-screen text small for my eyes, print font size too big.

The good news for OmniGroup is I use this piece of software every day. The bad news is the constant reminder of the lack of zoom functionality when all of my other relevant text-based apps have it.