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I work in OF for a LOT of projects. Many of the projects are multilevel, with many sets of grouped actions, single actions, many different aunt/child levels etc. etc. My project as a whole has "master" start and due dates, and then my actions and action groups have different start and due dates for each phase of the project.

I can't tell you how many times projects as a whole get moved a week, or 5 days or two weeks, etc. For many users, I am sure this is very common. When this happens, I have to go in and manually move all of my dates that set amount. I can't select all of my actions and change the dates at once, because actions all have different start and due dates for their own respective phase of the project.

So what's I'd like to be able to do is to select multiple actions, group of actions, projects etc. all at once, and have a drop down where I can "move start dates X number of days" and "move due dates X number of days". Of course the number of days would would include both positive or negative numbers, depending how you had to move the dates. Deadlines are moving up... or deadlines are pushed back.

I believe Curt posted an Applescript that accomplished moving an action's due date a day. I am not sure if being able to customize the # of days for multiple actions is an applescript solution. I am completely out of my league when it comes to AppleScript, and there might be an uber-smart person on the boards who could help lol :) I am always afraid I will mar my data if I play with AppleScript. ;)

Either way, I think this might be a great feature for Omni to pursue for the group of us who us OF for a lot of work projects and tasks.

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