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Hmmmm... when you say right hand side of the window, I assume you mean the "main outline" (What Omni calls it in the style preferences.) That's actually where I am selecting the actions... I tried it when in planning mode, then in context mode, then by focusing on the project just to see if there was some voo-doo involved. :) I even tried putting a few actions in a single-action list and selected a single action. Then I tried reverting to OF's default view to see if maybe it had something to do with viewing actions through one of my perspectives. Nada.

I am still using Tiger, do you think that be coming into play?
Did you ever get this figured out? I'm trying to utilize the script as well. I'm getting this...

The script 'Populate Template Placeholders.scpt' could not complete. AppleScript reported the following error: wasn't found.

I'm still searching posts here, but since this was a recent, similar issue...I figured I'd start here.

I selected it in the main (right) window and I'm running Leopard.

I didn't see anywhere that I needed Growl. But that's the way I read the error...

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