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If you don't want or have Growl:

For the Defer script, you need to open the script in Script Editor (it is in the /Applications/AppleScript folder) and change the flag for the following line from true to false (it's the second line of the script):

property useGrowl : true
Save the edit and relaunch OmniFocus to have it function without Growl. The notifications are just standard dialogues then.

It doesn't look like the Populate template script has an equivalent - does anyone know how to get rid of this if you don't want to install and use Growl?
There are two parentheticals that discuss growl, one at the beginning with a chunk of property stuff after it, and one at the end with a bunch of notify stuff after it. I tried 'getting rid of' the stuff by moving the *) down on both of them, and then each of them independently...still a no go.

ETA: I thought maybe I should add that line of code. I tried adding it just below the property placeholders ones. I tried it with the other chunks there and gone. Still no go.

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