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Yes it's a very helpful feature that allows you " focus " no pun intended on a smaller scale. Things allows you limit the number of next actions you can see but , it tends to produce this " gnawing sense of anxiety " of wondering what you're not seeing . To quote David Allen author of " Getting things done " [which OF is largely based on ] " You can only feel good about what you're not doing, when you know what you're not doing " .
What David meant was not that you should allways look at all your tasks all the time. That would certainly be overwhelming. The weekly review is meant to refresh your memory on what you are not doing, make sure you dont miss anything etc. It is perfectly ok to be more project, rather than context, driven at e.g. work where you are nearly all the time in the same context @computer. I also find it better to focus than to create artificial contexts.

A tip: you can make discontinous selections of projects and then focus on them all as a whole, then switch to context view.