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I've never seen Daylite. What does it provide that makes its project management capabilities superior, in your opinion?
Daylite is CRM software. It's good for a small workgroup, and really good with its mail integration where you can share things like emails that are sent to one user, but should be accessible by multiple users.

However, it's fairly complicated, not all that flexible IMO, and the effort to do simple things is way harder than it should be.

IMO, if you're not doing CRM with multiple users, it's overkill. I used it for about 1.5 years, and most of the time was wrestling with it.

I frankly use DEVONthink for notes/meetings/etc., and then track tasks and to-dos with OmniFocus. DEVONthink searches SO MUCH better than Daylite and thus can act CRM-ish for me in those respects.