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Hello, I tried Things too. I agree that "Today" feature is a main advantage in things. Anyway i have avoided the problem by creating Two perspectives in OF. My selections are begin/Project/Left/. As OF has no tickler I manage most of my project by start date and a flag perspective (ie the today's things to do).

Then when I use these perspectives i can see what I have to begin today, next week (ie tomorrow its a bug) and next week or the list of task i planned to do today (for i do dayly reviews).

I can tell you that i spent hours testing every soft included wikis and i must admit that OF is indeed one of the best software about GTD even if it really needs some improovements. I must admit today that OF is efficient and powerfull but it doesn't me suit (pretty, pleasant) for the moment.

I hope that the OF team will soon include tags and make OF clearest and pleasant for a dayly use as Things looks like. The way the did it with style is a very good beginning but for me they must go on further.

i shall soon buy an iphone i hope it will sync corectly...

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