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I indeed understand you. So I try an answer hoping it will help you.

For the way of managing information in GTD process read the book of david allen getting things done or summeries in wikipedia or here

For the differences OF/things today feature have to be done via perspective. (see the menu)

OF is indeed powerfull autorizing a lot of possibilities : for example imagine you "tag" in notes or in the task it self something with a high priority i do mine (A) for essential, (B) Important (*) urgent (Z) needs energy (F) needs no energy Today is my perpective of tody's task (wich are flaged the evening <)

In brief : OF is much more powerfull than Things and less buggy. But OF is also more tricky & you have to invest a bit of yourself sweat and tears to get the best of it and in GTD process. Think about your process before too, because OF is like an open blanck sheet, you do what you want to do but it wont think for your self.

For me, Things is a more closed system. It seems simple but when you go further praticing GTD it is not as powerfull as OF for a professional use.

More : OF autorise any link from anywhere and anything so you can follow everythings in the same system and this is prodigious !!!

At last Project in OF are much powerfull you can do what you want. I did mine lile this see image 2. I work on area and I respected GTD process puting in front my most important projects (area business contains my critical projects) Area suppot business contains important projects wich contributes to important projects. I also added process wich are for me check lists about several sequences of tasks.

All I spoke about are example so you make what you want to do and imagine. The only way is practicing, practicing,practicing again because OF is like an open box & things is like a closed system.

This is the reason why i really think OF is fantastic, I hardly paid for using it efficiently, but it is much hardest at the beginning than Things for you have to imagine your organisation. it also needs time to be understandable and powefull. At last my system is operationnal .

I hope OF team will post more video about perspective and examples because theses perspective are the only way to take the best of OF

Best regards
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