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things" doesn't support making things in series. it also doesn't seem to support "folders" for projects
Yes Things is to new. It makes trouble for complex projects OF is completey adaptable.

not sure to understand #2 :)) I am french ! when you have a lot of task you can prioritize or choose only the next one see the glasses and learn how to use it reading OF support

others # remember GTD is action no proscration so make it simple, clean all what must be, planify your project's tasks at night, read it in the morning you may have it on iphone duing the day at work if you have no mac.

The inspector tool is very simple use it on a task i.e when you want to repeat something or add detail &so about tasks. I dont use it except for repeating. Work on Of is sufisant.

Areas are global domains about something for example FAMILY area includes PROJECTS such as TRIP TO USA (I dream to go at summer hope i will !) but also THEATRES or Family activities. My AREA business see picture in my last post includes All my projects wich make me earn money in corporate real estate investments (I am a broker).

Time management is much more complicated . Some people find usefull in David allen method to focus on time available (see step DO you make things depends on your energy, your time available, context -ie do you have a phone ? so can you pake a call ? " and of course priority. Well i never use this column for i focus on context, project and priority and energy. i plan my projects every night on my diary and it take the time that is has to take if it is too long or i am fed up i do something else and do the end at an another time... Remember alway focus on action !!!! Nothing but action !!!!

Ical forget sync tasks Things is better on that for you can sync only on what you have to do today in OF its all !!!! so it's a mess. If you work on projects just create an action diary and planify the project when you want to do it if you have to do it. So my diary is always open on my mac, ithas 2 open software in parallele ICAL, OF . or MAIL - OF when i work on mail twice a day not more ....

During the day you may use the function focus it's great it focus on the project you are working on and on the contexts. I use it every day....

So i precise i am just an user, i love OF such as hated it when i began on it i have tested nearly every soft working on mac and wikis now OF is realy fantastic but it needs some improovements and a little work on you and your process to be efficient


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