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I wonder what the difference is between our environments that causes you to get the relatively sluggish performance? I consistently get a startup time of 5-6 seconds. 374 projects, 2621 actions, 63 zip files, 2.4 MB. I have a decent DSL connection (4.8 Mbit/s down, 500 Kbit/s up) but I get the same sort of start-up time when I turn off the network on the iPod, which suggests to me that isn't it. Auto-sync is on. Do you have a 1st generation model, or the current model? I'm also running the sneaky peek builds; I know Ken has done some performance work, but as I started with the iPod after he'd already incorporated it, I don't have a feeling for the magnitude of the impact on iPod/iPhone performance.

Another thought -- do you typically quit OF before it has a chance to sync any changes you have made? I almost never have to wait for a sync when I start up the program.