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it would be hard for OmnniFocus to be everything to everyone.

I'd love a mindmapping function but OF would probably need to be rewired to take advantage of it.

Yes, mindmapping is a crucial and necessary phase but there are already tools outside of OF that are available.

I'd love to have one program to have everything but I find it sometimes better to have separate programs.

iCal - for my calendared action items
DevonThink Pro Office - for my file reference and project support materials
OmniOutliner Pro - for my brain dumps and other various lists

As an example, I know I'd be trying to shoehorn in file reference and project support material into OF. So I'd rather use DevonThink which is more ideally suited for this purpose.

I know it's been brought up in the past to have a built-in calendar for OF. But the OF development team has placed it in the backburner.

But who knows, if there's enough people voting for mindmapping, maybe the OF folks would consider it!