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I'm not sure what's happening there either: I just changed one of my contexts to use a search similar to what you describe ("QFC store" OR "Safeway store") and it seems to be working fine for me: it's returning the nearby Safeway when my location is my house, and the nearby QFC when my location is Omni.

To dig into this further and figure out why it's not working for you, we'll probably need to get into specific details about exactly what business search you're entering, where you are when you do the search, what results you expected (i.e. what you see in Google Maps) and what incorrect results you're getting from OmniFocus. We may also need to add more diagnostics to a future build of OmniFocus, so it can enter a debugging mode where it reports more details about what it sends to Google's API and receives back. If you haven't already, could you start a dialog with our support ninjas about this? You can reach them at

Hi Ken,

Many thanks for taking the time out to respond. Here's an "example" and my "theory" as to what is wrong, although I freely admit that I'm technically illiterate, so your goodself, the Ninjas, whpalmer4, and any other members are free to shoot me down in flames!

Theory first. I believe that the OmniFocus App doesn't use the distance data that Google provides but simple uses whatever is shown first in Google's page ranking.

Here's my example.

I cleared out my iPhone (ouch!) and entered an Action named Buy Cream! I allocated a location-based context to it called Tesco which searches for Tesco, which I've shown in the first image.

I then entered a second Action called Buy Strawberries! (hey, it's almost Wimbledon fortnight!). I allocated a search to this Tesco OR Sainsburys, see second image.

The third and fourth images show what OmniFocus returns. It tells me to Buy Cream! at Tesco but Buy Strawberries! from Sainsburys.

The fifth image shows what happens when I change the search critera of Buy Strawberries! to also be Tesco OR Sainsburys, it ignores Tesco completely (which is closest) and tells me to go to Sainsburys for both items!

(continues next thread...)
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