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It makes some sense, enough that I needed to build my own test case, but I'm not sure it is correct. I set up an analogous search between my two local grocery stores, assigned it to a context, and tried it out. OF correctly pointed at the nearer of the two grocery stores, even though it was not the first listed in the results from -- in fact, although the more distant store appeared in the results on the first page, the correct answer didn't appear in the results until the second page!
Thanks for checking my "theory" out, whpalmer4, appreciate it. As it's not that, then I haven't anything else to offer up, except that as you can see from my example, it doesn't work as expected. Last year, before I flagged this, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't just me so I got several of my team to check this problem out using different contexts from different locations, and they were all able to reproduce the problem. I first noticed this when it returned an error of over 2 miles, and having trudged to that store, was infuriated to learn that I was only 5 minutes away from the other store listed in the context, so I gave up on using 'OR' in search criteria! It's one of three different types of errors that I've noticed using this feature, another is where two stores share the same postcode (are physically adjacent) and cancel each other out (neither store shows up). As always, I email the Ninjas before posting, and then email them a copy of the post, so maybe at some point they'll come up with a solution. Thanks again.

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