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Although this is not the solution to your problem I just wanted to add, that my experience with OF bug fixing has been quite good. I mentioned a german translation problem with calendar syncing to ical and they fixed that 1 1/2 months or so later with 1.6.5 for iPhone.

But I really had to stick to my point and posted several screenshots and explained why I thought something was wrong. And eventually they picked it up (as well as in the sneaky peaks of 1.8 as in the iphone version).

besides all that: keep in mind, that the whole mapping business and google maps / bing maps is still pretty new. they are just starting to implement great features and there is still a lot of work to do and a long way to go.
Thanks for your advice FatalError. Later today I'm going to download the Remember The Milk App (which also has a 'Nearby' feature) to see if it produces the same error as I've demonstrated above. If it doesn't then at least I'll be able to let the Ninja's know that it's probably got something to do with the way OmniFocus interprets Google's data.