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First I must thank OmniFocus (or Omni Group).

Without discovering OmniFocus and the GTD model, I would still be posting my tasks in my calendar. I have used OmniFocus religiously over the past two years on my iMac, Macbook and iPhone. I have enjoyed the syncing feature among these 3 devices.

However, I have decided to move to Android and ditch my iPhone (finally). As I am a small business owner, i find that I need access to my GTD application throughout the day and many times I am away from my computer. I tried for the last year to cope without my favorite GTD on my mobile device but I am finding this is causing me to limit my use of the GTD model. Thus, I am seriously trying Toodledo over the next week. I am finding it's almost more important to be able to access and interact with my GTD application across many platforms then stick with what I have used for the past few years.

While I understand that Omni Group has limited resources, I seriously hope they are working towards making Omnifocus cross platform. I was also very disturbed when I saw that they wanted to charge $40 for their iPad version.
In this day, I would be more willing to pay a couple of dollars a month (subscription model) for an application than fork over $40 just to get it on my iPad. Thanks again for a terrific MAC OSX application but I think the time has come to allow syncing with a service like Toodeldo (Spootnik does not seem to have a client app on any platform) or create an Android version.